Sawasdee Krab, Thai gastronomy!

Thai food




I was a bit hesitant when a friend of mine suggested that we go THAI for a dinner out, but she insisted and I got forced. When I tasted the soup they call as TOM YUM,  it was sour and hot and I love it!

This photo was during lunch after graduation. My mom gave me the freedom to choose where to eat. I chose to eat in LEMONGRASS, lower ground floor, ayala terraces, Cebu (not advertising, just suggesting) 

The food there is great!!!! My favorite was their Jasmine Rice, it has pineapples and some other stuff (not sure what it was but I loved it) I liked their version of spicy calamare too and who can ever deny the remarkable PAD THAI? hmm. ;)

There are a lot of thai cuisines here in Cebu.

To name some: Krua thai, Banana leaf, Lemon Grass, and Siam

Their prices are reasonable, and most of their servings, if not all, is good for 2 – 3 persons :)

I guess, THAI CUISINE will be one of my favorites from now on ;) 

5 things that a fresh graduate should do



5. CHILL– Reunite with old buddies. Shop. Party. Eat.  Yeah, you should give yourself a reward; you’ve been tired from all the sleepless nights, the nights where you cram for the finals, the nights where you have to write your thesis, the nights where you have to study a minor subject that has a longer coverage than your major exams. YES! YOU DESERVE TO REWARD YOUR BODY WITH A GOOD NIGHT SLEEP! YOUR EYEBAGS AND  WILL SAY GOODBYE TOO!

4. ENJOY THE SUMMER – I bet, some of you have sacrificed their summer for summer classes, and workshops… Now! It’s time to hit the beach and enjoy!

3. SAY THANK YOU – Say thank you to your family, friends, teachers and everyone who helped you out during your school years. Say thank you to them for molding you, for preparing you to face the challenges of the real world, for helping you discover who you truly are and for holding your hand during the bumpy ride of your education years.

2. LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES – you’ve made a lot of mistakes in the past, learn from them.

1. and lastly, GET A JOB – you don’t want to contribute with the higher percentage of unemployment, you don’t want to be penniless, right? Now, it’s time for us to go out, and face the reality. (I know, the doubts of where to go is there, but we’ll find our way soon enough!)

I was talking with a friend, who happens to be in the real world and excels in the profession. She told me that most companies prefer fresh graduates so no need to worry! J



I am also a fresh graduate, but I have been talking with professionals and these are things I’ve learned from them ;)




Happy but the heart is filled with sadness


Getting anxious of separating with the dearest comrades but is excited to soar and discover one self


Having tons of inspiration but is depressed


Starting to relax but deadlines are swooshing and flying everywhere


Hesitant but knows what to do


Knowing the exactly what you want, but is starting to get lost.


Reminiscing but pictures how the future ought to look like


Over thinking every single detail of the decisions made, and to be made




AHHHH! The uncertainties of the future, vexatious to the mind but gives direction to the heart ;)





mouthwatering indian food


Another gastronomic adventure! nyaaaaaaay!!!

This one is called SAMOSA, made of potatoes and beans with two delectable sauces the green chutney made of cilantro mint, and tamarind chutney made of sour and spicy sauce. now I smell something DELICIOUSLY HEALTHY! ;) 

For authentic and exquisite INDIAN FOOD, you should definitely check out this restaurant in Mandaue City, Cebu!

and like their fanpage for more yummy treats!