WHAT WOULD BE MY MAJOR/COURSE? tough, right? you have a lot to think about, your parents, your passion, your friends, the availability of the course, the expenses, the availability of jobs and the list goes on and when you finally decide on what course to take, you overthink how your future professors would look like and how would they handle the class, you think about your future friends, and classmates, how would look like wearing your uniform, will you be seating next to a cute guy in class, will you have the chance to see your high school chums and all. You keep on thinking about all of them days before your first day. It excites you. It inspires you, and lastly it scares you.

Then your first day of class begins, you don’t know where to go. you don’t know where the rooms are located. You wonder around the canteen and thinks of how many days and hours would you eat alone since you are new. You run for the next class, thinking you might be late then later on knowing that you’re professor isn’t around it. You wanna go home but your study load says you have a class until 5 pm. You see new faces. You hear a different noise. You’re given a new set of rules and regulations to follow. Everything is like a whirl wind. It is refreshing, yet exhausting at the same time.

I always compare college/university as A TRIP TO JURASSIC PARK, you get to see, learn and explore new things but there would be things you wish you won’t have to see, or things that would simply scare the hell out of you, but always remember that it will all be worth it. I never had a hard time adjusting with the new set of rules and regulations when I was in college because I was in the same university when I was in high school and the rules were pretty much the same (only that we were allowed to color our nails and wear make up during college. haha) but I saw some freshman complaining, I saw the adjustments of everyone. It would be hard at first, but one day you’ll realize that it’s for your own good. One day, you’ll even miss abiding them. You also get to see new faces, new friends, new clicks, and even the people that would give your college years a little flavor. (sweet, sour, bitter. be the judge) but always remember that you will spend the next four years of your life dealing and being with them. Treasure every moment you would have with them because one day, you’ll miss them. You’ll see them getting married, having babies and having a career on their facebook profiles. Some of them might become an actress or the winner of Ms. Philippines – Earth! Some of them would be your work colleagues, your business partners and so on.

I saw some younger friends and cousins posting about their frustrations, excitement on their first day of college and I went through memory lane and remembered how I survived college.

My advise to freshies and even to college studs this school year:

  • Don’t get sad when the professors don’t show on the first day or first week of class, use this free time to get to know your classmates, and to get to know the school, (YOU HAVE THE ALLOWANCE FOR TODAY ANYWAY SOOO YAAAAAY!)
  • Make new friends, or be a friend to everyone
  • Sit in the front. (needs a lot of confidence, but this helps you concentrate and participate during classes. This is how I survived, but I still talk with my seatmates haha)
  • Participate in class and in extra curricular activities, find an organization that would help you prepare for the real world and mold you as a better individual. Join the student body organizations if you like! YOU CAN DO IT.
  • If given a hard time by your professors, projects here and there. LEARN THE ART OF TIME MANAGEMENT. Get your work done first before planning your next gimmicks, posting your selfie, updating your status, and all other stuff.
  • When in the middle of a crisis, (financial, loss of someone special) always remember your goal, always think about the future, always say “I can do this!” and believe in yourself. (I’ve suffered a lot of crisis during my college years and even experienced the greatest heartbreak in my life just months before graduation and I always tell myself that I am strong and I can do this and will reach for the stars!)
  • College is also the perfect time to build connections and networks to people who are already professionals in your chosen soon to be career/profession
  • Attend seminars and workshops (and ask for certificates heeehee) some of it might be boring but you’ll learn a lot! that’s a guarantee!
  • Lastly, always remember that what you do now, might and can affect your future!

let me also quote what one of my mentors in college said after we graduated “So DREAM BIG, AIM HIGH, LEAP LONGER AND TOUCH THE SKY– but DARE NOT TO FORGET THE VALUES LEARNED from the challenges you have overcome. VALUE the people you will encounter on your way up as you soar the sky high, for they will probably be the same people you will need and encounter on your way down.”

Also this might old but classic advices: HAVE FUN AND BE YOURSELF. Time would fly really fast ;)


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3 things that a party girl should bring :)

I’m not really a party girl. I mean, I party once in like …. MONTHS.

I’ve learned that there should be THREE THINGS a girl should bring if she goes to party

1. a small clutch bag (ok, it depends. It’s up to you to bring this or a small pocket foundation)


2. LIPSTICK, you don’t have to trouble yourselves bringing all the blush on set, the eyeshadow set, the brushes, and everything, with that sexy red lipstick you’re on for the party already ;)

3. MONEY, yes, most importantly. haha!


and lastly, drink plenty of water before though it makes you pee from time to time. It helps you hydrated throughout the dancing and the alcohol ;)

10173766_867862729896930_1524991380567852365_nheheeh love love

s ;)


The City of Gentle People










I never had the chance to REALLY explore the city, but I stayed here for more than 3 days and when going to Siquijor. I would pass by the island.

It is really the “CITY OF GENTLE PEOPLE” people here are sooo friendly!!!

The food/s is a must try too! (I like their version of vinegar here.. rufina or rupina is it?)

One of the famous delicacy they have are the SILVANAS ;) don’t have a photo of the delicacy anymore, hahaha devoured them right away!


one thing is for sure! I’d go back to explore the city, the last time I was there was for work.. so yeah! ;) love the city!


10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date A Journalism Major



Originally posted on Thought Catalog:

Journalism majors are trained to be specific with words and critical with details. Dating one might actually test your patience by getting used to all the rants about things that relates to the problems of the whole world, or it might just simply turn you insane.

1.They are used to researching, and one wrong move might actually put you into the depths of Tartarus. Stalking is a talent, but researching is a skill. If you combine these two together, you are left with no choice but to be honest.

2.They are very critical with details, and if you miss a certain date or thing, you might actually never hear the end of it. They are trained in Journalism school to never miss a detail; may it be a politician’s name or a date that regards one country’s independence. So if you forgot to greet her…

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Sawasdee Krab, Thai gastronomy!

Thai food




I was a bit hesitant when a friend of mine suggested that we go THAI for a dinner out, but she insisted and I got forced. When I tasted the soup they call as TOM YUM,  it was sour and hot and I love it!

This photo was during lunch after graduation. My mom gave me the freedom to choose where to eat. I chose to eat in LEMONGRASS, lower ground floor, ayala terraces, Cebu (not advertising, just suggesting) 

The food there is great!!!! My favorite was their Jasmine Rice, it has pineapples and some other stuff (not sure what it was but I loved it) I liked their version of spicy calamare too and who can ever deny the remarkable PAD THAI? hmm. ;)

There are a lot of thai cuisines here in Cebu.

To name some: Krua thai, Banana leaf, Lemon Grass, and Siam

Their prices are reasonable, and most of their servings, if not all, is good for 2 – 3 persons :)

I guess, THAI CUISINE will be one of my favorites from now on ;)